• "Emphasize the agreements between the customer and yourself. Because that is the core of growing confidence."

  • "An organisation is a gathering of sustainable relations"

  • "Innovation is the difference between a leader and a follower"

  • "Changing business partners all the time, means that you will never experience the value of long-term partnership."

  • "Besides salary, a real job also gives: independence, discipline and vitality in the neighbourhood"

  • "What you do sustainable, you do well permanently"

Being strongly interrelated. And therefore getting more things done. High Performance Organisations have a relation strategy and win together. Moovs supports the development of productive and sustainable relations with high value learning experiences. Development of all relations encountered in an organisation, is the new competitive force. With results for employees, clients, third parties, community, society and organisation.

Moovs advises in these six strategic relational areas. We therefore also have 6 important themes and trends in learning and development.


  • Relation with Clients

    customer development

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  • medewerkers-btn-1

    Relation with employees

    employee development

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  • eigen-organisatie-btn-1

    Relation with the organisation

    business & organisational development

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  • leveranciers-btn-1

    Relation with third parties

    partnership development

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  • buurt-en-gemeenschap-btn-1

    Relation with the community

    community and workforce development

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  • maatschappij-en-planeet-btn-1

    Relation with society

    sustainable development

Theme  & Trends

  • Corporate Academy

  • Workplace learning

  • Online learning

  • Unique content

  • Coaching

  • Results