About Moovs

Connect to Perform

Moovs works for clients who constantly want to enhance the social-economic relevance of their organisation. We advise in six strategic relational areas and offer half a dozen clusters of high value learning experiences through which relations get more sustainable and productive. Experience how to really connect, how to work on mutual understanding. People who are strongly interrelated, together get more things done.

High Value Experiences

A learning experience is particularly valuable if (commercially relevant) results are achieved. That is why we do everything possible to maximise the revenue of our learning experiences. Amongst others by aligning the interventions with the strategic agenda of the organisation and bring its managers fully into the game of formulating desired learning revenue and –yield.

Choose what works

We distinguish six different relational areas, in which strategic ambitions can be realised. For each relational area we offer a cluster of learning interventions in order to execute the intended strategy. As a client you deploy what is needed to get results; a classical training, a theme-game, a mobile interaction... You can count on a cost effective advice about the optimal combination and sequence.
We always look at what is going on in the market and respond to the trends with our products and concepts. We offer a total Corporate Academy for your company. Facilitate the real workplace-learning from the 70-20-10 vision. Enable learning at every possible moment through our digital learning opportunities. Take care of unique brands and unique scientifically proven content via our labels. Deploy personal coaching, as to break patterns. Measure on output and preferred results.

Who are we?

Core of Moovs activities is counselling and supporting fundamental changes in people and organisation. We offer you advice and search together for an adequate solution in the form of creative interventions to realise a sustainable (behavioural) change. This can be done from within your organisation itself, totally facilitated by Moovs or through a combination by means of co-creation.

With more than 100 enthusiastic people, managed from a core team of 25 training consultants, concept developers, program managers, project leaders, innovation specialists and project support we work (in co-creation) together with you. Our core team is capable to connect a business-like and psychological insight at high level. From the core values innovating, energy, business-like, winning, proactive and client-driven. This is needed to give you the necessary strength and actually realise change. Client satisfaction and quality are given high priority. Around our core team, we have built a major international network of specialists and partners, to respond ideally to your questions, the speed and large volumes.

Our contacts and their specialisms:


Edwin Boom, Managing Director   

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Accountmanagement, Creative Concept Development, Appreciative Leadership, Talent Development, Values in Action, Service, Sales.  


Roosje Boom, Commercial Director 

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Sales, Accountmanagement, (self) Leadership, Service, Personal Coaching, InsideOut Development, International Training & Development  


Debora van Wely, Director Operations

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Change- and Program Management, Product Development, Online Learning, Service, Sales, (self)Leadership, Andrew Sobel: Building Clients for Life.  

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