"Craftmanship and a head start is a life of learning."

Our experience in various branches...


“Best Year Yet forces you to work more effectively. It has to do with awareness.”

Rick de Haan, Ordina

Trainees at Ordina may count on more than a standard trainee programme. This year there was a novelty in the approach: the introduction of Best Year Yet.


"Through the training everybody became more aware of opportunities in the store and they started to understand that every employee can make the difference."

Jobs Brussee, Roest B.V.

At Roest B.V., a family business that sells equipment of well-known brands like Bang & Olufsen and Bosch, the management noticed that sometimes client-oriented approach of their staff, impacted the actual selling.


"Samsung is a company where we often work with short lead times. This means that everybody works hard to meet the deadlines set. During the cooperation with Moovs it quickly turned out that the flexibility was no problem."

Marjolijn van der Horst, Training Coordinator at Samsung

How do you get, as a supplier, true product perception with employees who sell your product? That was the question on which Moovs was set to work with for Samsung. During a yearly event called ‘the Dealer show’ all Samsung divisions show their line-up. Customers are inspired and get information about the latest Samsung products.


"We speak the same language concerning the culture and ambition of the “Bijenkorf”. Moovs sits in the middle of the experience-world of our client, because they come across so many companies."


Adri-Jo Dielissen, De Bijenkorf

“De Bijenkorf” is a familiair name in retail in The Netherlands. Distinctive formula, exclusive presentation, beautiful shops. What more do you want? For the management of “De Bijenkorf” that was not a difficult question: better service.


"Moovs has a lot of knowledge and examples of good practice, which enables them to act quickly and pragmatic."


Sabine Slegt, De Bijenkorf

To get new and permanent employees, seasonal staff and temporary staff at the required level as quickly as possible, De Bijenkorf recently launched a new introduction programme, together with Moovs.


"It had been a while ago that the crew had a real sales training. Sales have gone up thanks to the training."

Wendy van der Valk (Head of Cabin Education)

Sales as a Service by Pursers. Transavia.com yearly transports about 5,5 million passengers to their holiday destination and exists for over 40 years. The low cost aircraft carrier provides chartered and scheduled flights to summer- and winter destinations within Europe and countries around the Mediterranean. In The Netherlands Transavia.com is market leader at the holiday flight market.


"I find it insanely awesome to see that employees get responsibility for groups of clients and that a lot of people rise above themselves to really take that responsibility and go ahead with it."

Gert Blaauw Sales Director D-reizen

When Gert Blaauw entered D-reizen as Director Sales, he noticed a number of things during his first visits to the stores. First of all that clients were very positive about D-reizen, but repeat was disappointing. Only one third of the clients booked their next holiday again at D-reizen. Second of all sales of additional products like insurances stayed behind.


"Especially the practical side, clear tools on how managers should coach, tips which can be used directly in practice. No standing in a classroom before a group somewhere, telling them about tricks, but really ‘do’."

Aniek Bruens, Education coördinator at Hornbach.

Important for all employees at Hornbach is a pro-active approach of clients, demonstrate client-friendliness and engage active client-contact. The role of managers is to actively coach employees on this. Training Consultant Koos van Oosterhoud of Moovs tackled this trajectory very successfully. “The average colleague is a doer and Koos is able to connect to that and hold up a mirror”, Aniek Bruens explains.


“Eye Wish Opticians should come forward more as a unique player on the market of contact lenses and glasses.”

Arjan Hermanides, Rayonmanager van Eye Wish Opticiens:

Eye Wish Opticians, previously Eye Wish Groeneveld, is part of the Brilmij Group which belongs to the worldwide leading company Grand-Vision. They are actively engaged in in 40 countries, including Europe, South-America, the Middle-East and Asia. In 2012 Eye Wish Opticians has experienced major growth by taking over Het Huis Opticians. Eye Wish Opticians now has 250 stores in The Netherlands.


"Moovs suggested an interesting training, but also attached focused on the importance of quality assurance."

Dirk van Wymeersch, Delek

The filling stations of Texaco recently got a new shop concept. Consequently Delek, the company that manages the filling stations and shops, offered a training to the employees and area managers of those shops. "It was the right moment to offer our employees new inspiration concerning client-friendliness and sales", according to Dirk van Wymeersch, training coordinator at Delek.


"I think that Moovs does a great job. They are very focused on the balance between what is discussed and the appliance of this in the workplace. You can see that it is very practical."

Max Delissen, location manager of swimming pool Hoornse Vaart

What seems a simple organisational change, can have major consequences in practice. Take the Sports department of the municipality of Alkmaar. The desire to let the three team leaders take over more tasks from the location manager, sounded more than logical. However this seemingly small change in range of duties, suddenly requires other skills of all those involved. More delegating for one, more pro-active acting for the other. Moovs took the lead with a long-term trajectory ‘leadership’.


"Moovs developed a very active programme within the goals which we had formulated ourselves. The accent had to be on cooperation within the team."

Miranda Wien, junior learning consultant at SZW

Trainings are usually reserved for well-conditioned rooms in beautifully situated conference facilities. But why could that training not be held outside for once? ‘Outdoor’ trainings are relatively unknown – and thus unloved – terrain with many training agencies. But not with Moovs.


"Moovs was, with a lot of creativity, able to appeal to a target group that wouldn’t easily acknowledge that they suffered from stress."

Polo Pieters, personell officer DekaMarkt

The production leaders within the logistic centre of DekaMarkt are able to deal with stress a lot better nowadays. Reason: a two-day training, programmed by Moovs, on request of personnel officer Polo Pieters. No luxury because, in their daily work, stress whistled around, so to speak.


“At Moovs they have wonderful trainers. The energy splashed around during the presentation."

Andrew Handana of KPN

Working at the contact centre of KPN Contact is not for everybody. Contact centre-employees have to cope with a tough internal training-programme. With the ‘Training & Scripting Contact Academy’ KPN has its own training centre, which trains employees as so-called World Class Agents.


“It involved an actor, who showed us some bad examples. Based on those examples, we gave feedback. I think this training most certainly played a role in the way that people now interact with each other."

Marieke van Schelven, Education coördinator at Stamhuis Groep

The Stamhuis Group is a company specialised in shop renovations. With the BVS-concept (‘Bouwen Volgens Stamhuis’ – Building according to Stamhuis) the company is able to rebuild a complete store within one week. Communication is an important part in the preparation. With the training ‘agree/address’ Moovs put the importance of optimal communication in the right perspective. The largest supermarket chain in The Netherlands relies on the qualities of the Stamhuis Group on a regular basis.


"Often trainings are pretty much standard. But Moovs integrated the problem of our municipality very well into the advice they gave us."

Coby Krolis, personell consultant municipality Midden-Drenthe

‘Situate responsibilities lower down in the organisation’ is a phrase which can be read often in policy plans of organisations. The municipality of Midden-Drenthe did not stop after formulating. With the cutting of the coordinating layer in the municipal organisation, the need for senior employees with coaching skills, increased. Moovs helped.


“Moovs is able to think ahead with us, they understood the atmosphere of our company. If you start to train retailers, you must also think like one. What a retailer thinks of today, he wants to apply tomorrow.”

Rob de Waal, trainings manager Staples Office Centre

Staples Office Centre is one of the largest suppliers of office supplies in The Netherlands. From 47 locations and online Staples Office Centre approaches the market. In the context of a large scale change programme, Staples Office Centre contacted Moovs. Goal: to turn the organisation from task-oriented to client-oriented. Both sales and procurement managers are trained in optimising their sales qualities, region managers have started with Best Year Yet®.


"It has been two very beautiful days. Everybody was enthusiastic. During the game, people had to answer questions, so that we could test their knowledge. We were pleasantly surprised that they were able to give answers that were even deeper than we imagined."

Merchandiser Jules Oomen of HEMA

The head office of HEMA was faced with the task to implement a number of new work processes in the area of supply chain management. Knowledge transfer was key. With MOOVS as our designated training partner it turned out to be something else than a standard training here and a similar workshop there. It turned out to be completely different.


"We immediately had the best feeling about it. The approach of Moovs also seemed to work in practice."

Bob Wagemaker, head public affairs municipality Waalre

From one day to the next, the municipal organisation of Waalre had no senior-employees anymore, but team leaders. Behind the scenes, that change took quite some doing. A combination of outdoor training and personal coaching prepared the team leaders to be, for their new leadership role in the municipality.


"Overall the coaching trajectory made me more aware of my personal functioning and my learning process. This resulted in a clearer structure within the team were, among others, personal motivation and clear expectations are central."

Guimette Prakken, TalentCom

Quick career development is considered by many as an absolute challenge. However promotion isn’t always inherent in personal growth. Guimette Prakken of consulting agency TalentCom got the opportunity to grow, as a young ambitious woman at the age of 27, in one of the top management functions within her company. She grabbed this opportunity with both hands. Moovs helped her to get the best possible preparation for her changing range of duties.