De Bijenkorf (2)

If you look at how other retail formulas in Europa score in client-focus, than we are not good enough", concludes store manager Adri-Jo Dielissen of De Bijenkorf Amsterdam. Time for a training of Moovs. Starring: cabaret duo “Dames voor na vieren” (Ladies for after four o’clock).

In client-focus, De Bijenkorf would like to compare themselves with formulas like Bon Marche in Paris, or Selfridges in London, but above all: to be the best in The Netherlands! The group was not a patch for those benchmarks, Adri-Jo Dielissen knew. "We were not satisfied about the client-focus of De Bijenkorf. Since we are part of Maxeda these issues are measured extensively. If you then saw how we scored in comparison with other formulas, than De Bijenkorf wasn’t client-focused enough. It turned out that employees found it difficult to sell pro-actively. You see that the mainstream-stores perform better and they apparently manage client-focus easier than we did. That is why we went searching for an agency that was able to help us with that."

'Why Moovs'

We chose Moovs. Why? "We speak the same language concerning the culture and ambition of the “Bijenkorf”. Moovs sits in the middle of the experience-world of our client, because the come across so many companies. We were able to switch rapidly. Moovs also doesn’t stop at the training, but thinks along about guarantees for the organisation." The choice for cabaret was not a random one. Adri-Jo: "Moovs has a lot of knowledge of resources and how to deploy these. If you speak about the management of the buyers, you have to use other methods than with a training for store employees. At the time that you experience some resistance with the managers, cabaret might just be able to break the ice." It is still too early to observe a real change of behaviour. "We are still in the early stages of the cultural chance. Such a changing process is tough."

"A challenge to write in a framework"

Dames Voor Na Vieren is a cabaret duo, consisting of Anne van Rijn and Hanneke Drenth. The two female comedians already have various successful shows in their name. The mini-performance at De Bijenkorf was an outing. "When we started ‘Dames Voor Na Vieren’ we used to do this more often", Anne van Rijn looks back. "It is a challenge to write within a fixed framework. It has to be informative. Logical, the client wants to see result." Eventually, Dames Voor Na Vieren, had material for 15 minutes, including a song. The act was based on the five client types, De Bijenkorf had analysed. "The sketch proved to be very popular. I can imagine this, we were a break on a strategy day. Next to that, the dvd of our performance is used in the training."