De Stamhuis Groep

A supermarket manager wants to do everything in his power to keep revenue-losses to a minimum while the supermarket is being refurbished. “For us, deadlines are really rock-hard deadlines. There is a very tight schedule for our activities. We can’t say to a supermarket manager: Let’s finish this next week”, says training coordinator Marieke van Schelven of the Stamhuis Group.

Working according to the BVS-concept particularly requires a meticulous preparation. In a timeframe of months, a week’s work must be scheduled specified to the minute. Nothing can be left to chance. “Because a renovation trajectory is so short, the smallest details must be arranged perfectly in advance. Within those preparations, agree and address are crucial. This is not only about internal communication, but also about the communication on the work floor with third parties, like sub-contractors and suppliers. You have to deal with very many parties.”

New employees

The pressure not to fail is therefore high. In addition, many new employees have joined in the last few year. They not only have to master a unique way of working in a short period, but also the culture. Head P&O Anja Hermans: “Therefore, we wanted to work effectively on our internal strength in the area of communication within the group of project leaders. That is why we started and made a combination of the core values of the company together with the way in which you communicate together. What exactly does ‘agree and address’ mean?”

Sailing with Roy Heiner

Moovs came into view. Prior to an afternoon of sailing with the team of Roy Heiner, there was a long morning discussion about the importance of communication. Anja Hermans: “The project leaders did acknowledge that communication and cooperation are spearheads within the organisation. They thought it would indeed be a good investment to put in time and energy into this.” Within the scope of a half day, Moovs chose for a tantalising and confronting training, with a strong practical accent. “An actor was involved who showed a number of bad examples. Based on those examples, we gave feedback on the performance of that actor. Together with Moovs we discussed how it could be done differently. If we can notice the difference? I think that this training certainly played a role in the way people interact now.”