The production leaders are responsible for the order collectors that they put-up the deliveries in time so that the drivers don’t have to wait. Moovs was, with a lot of creativity, able to appeal to a target group that wouldn’t easily acknowledge that they suffered from stress. “Everybody always thinks: this won’t happen to me.”

The work of a production leader is not easy. “You are continuously on the run to make sure that the trucks leave on time”, concludes Polo Pieters. “If something goes wrong with the order collecting, than a problem occurs. One person can deal better with this than the other, but eventually, we received more and more signals from employees at the work floor.” Moovs had more often developed trainings for Detailresult, the service centre of DekaMarkt and Dirk van den Broek. But how do you get your people on the work floor enthusiastic for a training about a subject, which invariably only effects their colleague? “Trainer Krista Minkhorst of Moovs handled this very well. She started the training by putting a chair in the middle of the hall. Everybody had to indicate how they looked at the training, by standing close by or further of the chair. This worked immediately. We have also indicated that they are people who are focused on the practice. They didn’t just need to hear nice stories. That is why many exercises were done to let the employees look at their work from another perspective.”

Communication skills

The participants not only learned to recognise stress within themselves, but also with colleagues. Time management was also addressed. Role play with a ‘stressed employee’ - an actor of course – made the production leaders much better in communication. And did the training work? Polo Pieters: “We have the impression that they learned from it. But people do not talk easily about stress. There is always an idea like: that doesn’t happen to me. The employees in any case were satisfied about the training.”