Eye Wish Opticiens


Eye Wish is a strong brand, professionally when it is about the technical knowledge in sight-solutions. This professionalism must also show in the experience of the client. To realise this, a “kick off” meeting was organised in September 2012. The brand values of Eye Wish were translated into concrete behaviour during the contact with our clients. This showed a clear and recognisable sales language, suitable for everybody in the stores. A selection of employees from the whole country participated in the set-up of this sales language. From Managers to Sales, from

Marketing to HR and from Zwolle to Soesterberg. This was the basis for the rest of the trajectory.
Arjan tells about the trainings: “To be well prepared for the training, employees first go through an E-learning. After that they follow the trainings on location. I notice that the employees get convinced because they experience the new behaviour in the training. They experience how successful this behaviour is and link this directly to their own practice. The employees consider the trainings as being confronting and very valuable. In the training a mirror is hold up and this sharpens them. After that they are really eager to work with this. The set-up and dynamics of the training ensures that they experience a more intense contact with the customer.

Next to being confronted during the training, it is also a lot of fun. Among others, a game is played. Arjan says that result already shows clearly. “They are more focused on giving personal attention, they think commercially from the needs of the client and are not afraid to ask for the sale. That makes them successful.” After the training, personal learning objectives are discussed in a team meeting in order to safeguard the learned in practice.
What Arjan notices about the cooperation is that “Moovs delivers their commitments”. And he adds: “The trajectory has been very pleasant and as client we get a major role. We really developed the trajectory together. Because Moovs captured our needs and translated these well to the trainings, the result are clearly custom-made. In this way we were forced to think about: ‘What do we really want to see on the work floor?’”

“Through this trajectory our organisation aims for the right themes like: ‘How do I sell and how can we realise the quality of our brand in the stores?’ The propagating of brand values on the work floor is essential here”, says Arjan.

“Furthermore, the employees are very enthusiastic, they are challenged enormously. The concrete translation into daily practice is very appealing. It is very clear why we chose Moovs: Moovs is very outspoken in the flexibility of their plan, the building stones and from there the translation to the trajectory. Next to that we are impressed by the extensive know-how of Moovs in this area. Also a plus for Moovs is the ‘upwards’ approach. This means that the work floor is actively involved in the development and that is where the priority axis lies. What also appeals me personally is that Moovs finds it important that people act from within their own strength”.

The trajectory, according to Arjan, is inspiring and effective because it is both confronting and efficient. Next to that customisation is delivered, matching the needs of Eye Wish Opticians: “The trajectory emphasises on those points where the most development and growth is possible for Eye Wish Opticians”.