Gemeente Alkmaar / Sportbedrijf.

On one of our two locations someone is sick. I just spend one and a half hour to solve this. This is typically something that could have been solved earlier.” Max Delissen, location manager of swimming pool Hoornse Vaart in Alkmaar couldn’t have described the motivation for the training any better. Because a pro-active team leader could have intervened sooner, is what he meant to say. This piece of insight in operational processes is just one of the elements which are part of the leadership trajectory of the Sport Company Alkmaar. Two years already Moovs coaches the five-member team to both work on the team- and the individual development: not only the team leaders themselves, but also location manager Max Delissen and head swimming pools Jeroen Wassenaar.
Useful? “We don’t just want to get on a higher plane as a team, but also everyone in person. As far as I am concerned, I certainly notice the effect. I am able to overlook processes at work much better now. I also improved in time-management and I am able to formulate objectives much better”, says Max Delissen. “Too many things happen ad-hoc. Therefore I have to deal with many issues which all take time. As location manager I want to work towards a situation in which I will coach more form a distance and the team leaders take over the operational issues.”

Practical training

Because Max Delissen is also involved in another training, he is able to value the approach of Moovs very well. “I think that Moovs does a great job. They are very focused on the balance between what is discussed and the adoption of this on the work floor. You can see that it is very focused on the practice. They don’t bother you too much with all kinds of models. A HR-matrix might be wonderful, but you have to deal here with team leaders who run around in shorts all the time. It shouldn’t all be too abstract, they have to see immediately how they can use it in the pool later on.