Municipality Waalre

The municipality has had a restructuring four years back. “Early 2008 we have evaluated that step. It seemed that there was a grey area between the heads of department and the employees.
In between were senior-employees with a more coordinating role, but still there was a gap in the organisation. That is why we turned the senior-employees into team leaders”, outlines head Public Affairs Bob Wagemaker briefly the background. These brand new team leaders didn’t just get another business card, but also more authorities and responsibilities: more coaching and managing of team members, conduct performance interviews, playing a role in the planning and control cycle of the municipality. ”We soon agreed that we needed an external agency to support the seniors towards team leadership and to unify the group of team leaders. Yes, why Moovs? We immediately had the best feeling about it. The approach of Moovs also seemed to work in practice. It was a good beginning, now it is important to hold this line well from the MT.”

‘Taking a good look at yourself’

The approach of Moovs consisted partly of an outdoor training trajectory, partly of personal coaching for all participants. Eric Waale was one of them. “My experiences so far are good. We are in the final phase. Particularly the coaching interviews were extremely valuable for me. I surely got tools which I can use. I also learned to watch closely to my own functioning. The outdoor training worked well. You learned to know colleagues in a different way, colleagues you thought you knew pretty well.” And Miranda van Mol: “I also experienced the training as very positive, and the outside programme was very surprising. I think I can use a lot of it in daily practice. The structure in it worked very well: from self-leadership via one-to-one-leadership and team leadership to organisational leadership.”