Hornbach Bau- und Gartenmärkte is one of the largest hardware- and garden centre companies in Europe. Hornbach exists of over 138 hardware- and garden centres in 9 countries. In 2012 Hornbach was awarded as best hardware store in The Netherlands for the 7th time. “The organisation now pays special attention, concern-wide, to the way of selling. From here we started the trajectory ‘Practical Coaching‘ for management; a trajectory that Aniek Bruens characterises as practical, inspiring and meaningful.

Early January 2013 the pilot took place in the store in Tilburg. Aniek Bruens: “From the pilot came very good and positive results, which led to the roll-out to all other stores”. The approach of Moovs appeals to Aniek Bruens: “especially the practical side, clear tools on how managers should coach, tips which can be used directly into practice. No standing in a classroom before a group somewhere, telling them about tricks, but really ‘do’. The connection with the practice was very important for us. From the start of this trajectory it showed very clearly that Moovs had an answer to this in the shape of ‘Practical Coaching’. The pragmatic approach already showed in the preliminary trajectory and during the pilot. In the end that was the reason why we chose Moovs: practical applicable and aimed on just doing”. Koos says: “Practical coaching means that I stand next to the store manager in the store. I see an immediate effect on the work floor, there where it happens”.

The cooperation experiences Aniek Bruens as nourishing: “I find it very pleasant that the input is possible from both sides. Together with Moovs I have sparred and brainstormed on how to achieve the objective. The trajectory consist of mutual trainings and individual on-the-job coaching. The differences in the group and implementation per store determine the content. The combination of trainings, coaching and tailor made-approach has a lot of impact“.

The trajectory has exceeded the expectations of Aniek Bruens: “The objective is to support managers in the coaching of their employees. Next to that it also has reinforced the cooperation within the managers-teams even more”. Koos saw a very committed group of managers who started every day again in a vigorous manner with practical coaching on the work floor. With this the make the difference for employees and customers: “I think it is great to experience that the managers of Hornbach mutually take a hold of the trajectory and are enthusiastic to take the next step over and over again”, tells Koos van Oosterhoud.

Aniek closes with: “Both employees and customers react very positive. The clients take notice. I am proud of our managers who develop strongly both as individuals and also as a group, every day!“