KPN Contact also has high demands on trainers. Thus they held a real pitch for 20 vacant trainer functions. Several agencies sent trainers. In total approximately 60 people. Moovs came in strong with 6 trainers. They were all selected!

A pitch like this becomes more common in the training world”, says trainer Debora van Wely of Moovs. She is one of the selected trainers. “We got one hour time. Each of the six trainers had ten minutes to present themselves and to show the work-forms we use. It looked a bit like “Idols” in the way we were assessed, complete with photos. Yes, and then, naturally, it is great that all six trainers were selected by KPN Contact”. The pitch had a remarkable background. Debora van Wely: “KPN Contact was looking for trainers to match with the target group. These are young people, mainly direct from schools like the vmbo (preparatory vocational education) or mbo (senior secondary vocational education) for whom this was their first job. KPN Contact was looking for an innovative approach that connected to the world of the target group”.

Many responsibilites

Contact centre-employees have many responsibilities. They have to be able to conduct a service-interview, but at the same time warm up the client for another product. They are dealing with complaints and complicated questions. And that all: first time right. “We train them in commercial skills like active listening. It is not about what a client wants, but what he needs. The difficulty with a telephone call is that you miss the non-verbal aspect. You don’t have facial expressions and no gestures at your disposal. That is why you have to learn to play with your voice, to vary in speed of speech, but also to articulate well.”

‘Marvelous trainers!’

Customer Andrew Handana of KPN. Contact was enthusiastic about the Moovs approach.
“At Moovs they have wonderful trainers. The energy splashed around during the presentation. The six ladies all represented the ‘wow-effect’ that we were looking for when we started with the selection of trainers for the World Class Agents training trajectory. We were unanimous: these were the girls we wanted on board!”