Ministerie SZW

Always by a couple of employees that don’t encounter each other at work that much. So you were forced to search for the cooperation with people that you never deal with. With the outdoor training we were really able to work effectively to stimulate the team-feeling at the department.” Many trainers have gained positive experiences with a training under the blue sky. For the ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, Moovs proved that a business approach and the outside air can go together fine. On the beach in Scheveningen! “Every year, we organise team building days with the department. This year it seemed nice to do this outside for once”, says Miranda Wien, junior learning consultant of the ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

“That is something quite different than just in-house. Moovs was enthusiastic immediately and came with a highly varied concept. We are situated right next to the beach, so the choice for the location was an easy one: Scheveningen. Naturally there is a risk involved when you organise something outside. But the weather was good and it turned out to be a great success!” The choice for outside brings along another concept of the programme. Theoretic parts are a little bit shorter and more practical, there is more time for exercises. Miranda Wien: “Moovs had developed a very active programme within the objectives we formulated ourselves. The accent had to be on cooperation within the team. There were many game-activities which were concluded in duo-format.

“Exercises have more impact outdoor”

“Outdoor doesn’t have to be similar to survival”, says trainer Krista Minkhorst of Moovs. “Although it is a true that outdoor means that you are more practically engaged. Exercises have far more impact, the atmosphere is quite different. Many skills can be trained very well outdoor. Leadership for example. You give a team an assignment to build a large kite. Than you see automatically who stands up as a leader. You also directly experience the effect of your own acting. An outdoor training can also very well be a part of a management-development-trajectory. As a break in the regular training programme it can even work very refreshing.”