"It is piece of awareness that you get", concludes trainee Rick de Haan. "I got more insight in myself and in my points of development", says colleague Esther Kooiman.

With The Best Year Yet Moovs introduced last year an innovative programme on the Dutch market. The programme gives participants – groups and individuals – tools to realise objectives in a period of twelve months. As regular trainer Moovs also knew how to make Ordina enthusiastic to allow the trainee group to familiarize with the programme. "What Best Year Yet especially had as a tangible benefit for me, was that you learn to formulate objectives better and learn to work towards them", says Rick de Haan, trainee Consultant Web 2.0. "Best Year Yet forces you to work more effective. It has to do with awareness. Through a programme like that, everybody is moving in the same direction and you see that slowly a certain binding is created. You all go together for the collective objectives that you formulate."

'Nice Session'

Esther Kooiman is trainee Consultant Web 2.0 at Ordina. And just as enthusiastic about Best Year Yet. "The way in which we formulated ten year-objectives with our trainee group, was a nice session. Also valuable was the training in which the personal objectives were defined. You don’t just formulate objectives like that, but you think about things like what have I reached, what are my values and limitations, where do I want to focus. In this way you think of objectives which are relevant and important for you or for your group." For Rick de Haan the turning point was that he saw that a team spirit was created in the trainee group. "At such a moment they all become one and you start to integrate it in your work. Because that is the ultimate goal: that the lessons of Best Year Yet become a part of your daily work." And Esther Kooiman: "Best Year Yet is certainly useful in my future career because it makes you aware of the importance of setting objectives and how you can eventually reach them. Not only for yourself, but also for our future function as manager this is very informative." Business consultant Petra de Wit added: "Best Year Yet showed us that if you commit individually and as a group to the objectives, these are within reach. It offers tools not to stop at just making objectives. They are truly converted into action so that the result becomes visible. The regular and confronting follow-up results in the integration of the objectives in your daily work. In short it brought the Web 2.0 consultants their best year ever!"