Roest BV

"Although we find it very important that our clients are spoken to and addressed in a client-focused way, it is the trick to combine this with increase of sales", explains director and owner Jobs Brussee. The team of salesmen therefore followed the trainings Basic Selling and Advanced Selling.
It was decided to offer the training Basic Selling to all service engineers and to all sales employees both trainings Basic Selling and Advanced Selling.

Sales Tigers

The training objectives included the identification of the client wishes, to address to them sales-focused and in the end close the deal. Company Manager Kees Jan te Nijenhuis tells: "Through the training, our employees started to act more conscious at the work floor. Voice, tone and attitude also play a role in the sales process. They have learned to find out what it is exactly that the client is looking for, by asking open questions and to provide a solution based on those needs. Through the training everybody became more aware of opportunities in the store and they started to understand that every employee can make the difference."

Practice together

During and after the training Moovs received many enthusiastic reactions of the participants. Especially the interactive and practical character of the training appealed to them. "We have deliberately chosen to deploy an actor. In that way the participants are able to work directly and very concrete with the learned", tells Edwin Boom. By practicing together, everybody gets the chance to get used to the new working method. During the training, the participants were encouraged to give each other feedback. "Through the training everybody moves in the same direction again and everybody knows what is expected from him or her. I am confident that this will influence our sales results positively", says Jobs Brussee.