During the event 3000 people are coming to sell different Samsung products in the stores. An excellent opportunity to also offer trainings, aimed at ‘how do I sell you this Samsung product’ next to the presentations of products.


For four divisions workshops were developed, Digital imaging, TV/AV, Home Appliances (or major appliances) and IT. Each workshop with its own character, in order to surprise clients when they visited more than one workshop. Different working forms were used, which all were interactive and where participants were challenged to learn to sell and to acquire knowledge about the specifications of a product group. That was particularly the difference with the past. Previously, with the help of a PowerPoint, was told what specifications a product had. Now the participant was challenged, for instance using a game, to place the product in a sales interview. Participants were very enthusiastic, also because the product specifications were translated into benefits for the client in a sales interview which they could use immediately in practice. The group size varied per workshop, sometimes groups up to 150 people, but also groups of 4. Substantively the workshops also had to be scaleable. The tools that were developed for the workshops also received a positive reception. A pocket-card with the 10 client benefits, is also still used and has even been taken over by another division. A nice additional effect of the mutual approach, so that the divisions can also learn from each other what works.

Product introduction

One division that didn’t participate in the workshops during the event, did catch up amply by deploying Moovs for the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Prior to the introduction of the heir apparent, all shops that were going to sell this Smartphone, had to be trained. For that Moovs developed a programme both online and offline. The challenge was that there were only 2 weeks available prior to the introduction date. With the introduction of products it often happens that all information is released very late, which was no different this time. Samsung already worked with e-learning with the introduction of new products. This is the way to reach a lot of people in a short period of time. We wanted to improve this e-learning very much and substantively also focus more on client benefits and less on product specifications.

The online training

Because Moovs is very flexible in working with various partners, we are able to deliver online trainings on very short terms. Together with Samsung for 2 weeks we focused on this introduction with a project group. Samsung did make choices on which (technical) specifications were the most important ones to communicate. There were translated by Moovs into client benefits. The training especially focuses on explaining the benefit of the specification for the customer and then introduce a sales technique to convince the client to buy. Often you see that the focus lies either on technical aspects or on sales techniques. This online training connects these two areas, so that the learned is better in line with the direct practice:

Product meets Sales!

No matter how beautiful you build an e-learning, it also needs to work well technically with all parties. It was a big challenge to make it suitable for both a tablet and the PC but also in a Learning Management System of the larger clients. The e-learning needed to get a premium look, fitting with the important ‘heir apparent’. The e-learning also had to be used in Belgium and therefore translated into French. To build an e-learning on such short notice with voice-overs, animations, a final test, certificate and reports to follow participants, made the project bigger than initially assumed. Through the commitment of the project group and in co-creation with all concerned it all worked out.

The offline training

For the offline trainings Samsung has always worked with Retail Executives to train the stores. There, we also set down an improved programme with more interaction and the focus on sales. There were two types of trainings developed. The first is the short version. Retail Executives are trained to run the programme in stores. A short version to meet the focus which, in stores, is with the customer, leaving not much available time. This training lasts 30 minutes, with a maximised use of a quiz and playing cards. In the beginning the Retail Executives were somewhat uncomfortable with this new way of training, adding more interaction requires other skills and another attitude before you start to conduct this training. The same also applies for the participants in the trainings of who was required more than just listening. But afterwards all parties are enthusiastic and the feedback is also positive.

For larger groups or for instance at an exhibition a longer version was prepared. This version lasts 60 minutes. Groups up to 120 people have been trained, using online elements, like films and multiple-choice questions and also the game element was introduced again.

With these larger groups, a trainer from Moovs gave the training in combination with a trainer from Samsung, so that answers could also be provided directly to very specific product questions. These trainings were well received especially due to the interactive form and the impact was great with the participants. Debora van Wely, Training Consultant Moovs: One of the workshops was for a large group of T-Mobile with the title “Speed is the dream”. It was during the Winners Circle event a very interactive workshop in which experience by racing and learning via a game came together. The aim of the game was to translate the USPs of the Samsung Galaxy S4 into client benefits. For example: “the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the quickest processor, what is the added value for the client”. Marjolijn van der Horst. Training Coordinator of Samsung: “The content sticks better and people also discuss the training afterwards”.

The cooperation was very pleasant, Marjolijn van der Horst emphasises. “Samsung is a company where we often work with short lead times. This means that everybody works hard to meet the deadlines set. During the cooperation with Moovs it quickly turned out that the flexibility was no problem. There was always somebody present who could answer a question or deliver input, even during the evening or weekend. Moovs also offers proactive initiatives. And the latest adaptions in test trainings a few days before the real trainings took place, were no problem. Samsung and Moovs had a good cooperation, which are certainly worth repeating!