TalentCom deploys fresh graduated, academic top talent with companies at a national level for temporary projects. Attractive for young employees who don’t want to commit themselves immediately, appealing for companies who want to land up-to-date knowledge and motivated people. At the moment that Guimette Prakken entered TalentCom, another operational manager was responsible for the strategy and the daily supervision. “In the meanwhile, my predecessor has left and I took over his tasks. At the office we also work with ambitious and very talented students, in the beginning four, but now eight already. I hardly had any managing experience. That is why I contacted Moovs.”

“In the coaching trajectory an integral approach had my priority. My coach Roosje Boom-Van Gelder of Moovs knew to respond to this impeccably not only by stimulating the leadership qualities, but also the personal development. Roosje didn’t not only ask the right questions, but she also created a safe learning environment in which my learning process and therefore also the objectives was aligned with the practice. Overall the coaching trajectory made me more aware of my personal functioning and my learning process. This resulted in a clearer structure within the team were, among others, personal motivation and clear expectations are central.”

Possible follow up with Best Year Yet

Despite the lovely result already accomplished as a result of the personal coaching trajectory, I know that there are still enough areas where I can improve myself. A possible follow-up could be a Best Year Yet programme. “The coaching gave me more insight in leadership and my personal style, it would be a logical step to focus more now on achieving objectives and targets by means of Best Year Yet.”