Transavia gives high priority to Service to the passenger. Just like the development of its people. Yearly Pursers are educated, among others, during the Purser days. Moovs was approached by Wendy van der Valk (Head Cabin Educations) to support them in building on their service concept for the passenger.
Part of a good service is the way in which the crew sells the on-board products. calls this Sales as a

Service (SaaS). Central is the genuine and real contact with the passenger during boarding, during the flight and when the passenger leaves the plane. Passengers are always somewhat disturbed when they are going to fly. They have been travelling already before or sometimes got a bit irritated already at the airport before they enter the plane. The first reception during boarding is therefore extra important to comfort passengers and make them feel welcome. This is one of the moments of truth in which the crew can make the difference. And therefore very important for the further outcome of the flight. Subsequently there are multiple moments during the flight where you, as crew, can deepen the contact, from the ‘cabin check’ to ‘the comfort round’. And naturally when people leave the plane again, is such a moment of the truth here you, as crew, can give passengers a positive and memorable feeling. The contact is very important for an optimal service experience and of course important for the sales results.

A simple example of Sales as a Service is to give passengers the opportunity to buy some extra water before one leaves the plane. Sometimes it is very warm at arrival and do people have to sit in a bus a while before they reach their destination. Offering this possibility is in that case a win-win situation both for the passenger and for But also point out to passengers the ‘combine & profit’, where they can obtain a drink together with a snack is an example of Sales as a Service.

Wendy: “It had been a while ago that the crew had a real sales training. Sales have gone up thanks to the training and I also think that every Purser did learn something which he can daily apply in practice”. There was chosen to train interactively and as opposed to many trainings we’ve decided to communicate the arguments behind the operation of certain behaviours and sales techniques. This was considered as very valuable. Based on films the uniform way of Sales as a Service was explained to the pursers in a playful way. Subsequently a game was played with the use of a mix of knowledge questions, films and assignments with an actor. Wendy: “The films and the game were considered to be the most fun”. In the films, next to actors, own people were used, who participated as a role model or as an extra. The recordings in the mock up (plane for training purposes) were a major success and input for the mood film with which the training started.

“Moovs acts professional, has good trainers and actors in their service, is able to emphasise well with the client, and is flexible and always willing to help. Not only at the beginning of the trainings but during the complete training trajectory”, tells Wendy. “We keep Sales as a Service alive through a SaaS page on Cabin Online (the intranet of and next to that there are extensive crew markets and incentives linked to targets. At this moment we are already brainstorming again about a follow-up”.