Programme points start workshop

  • Acquaintance
  • Creating clarity and focus to achieve successes
  • Workshop in which 10 questions are passed
  • Look back and acknowledge what happened last year
  • Define useful lessons from this
  • Creating a new mindset aimed for success
  • Take a very close look to the top 10 goals for next year
  • Complement the 1-page Best Year Yet® plan
  • Agree on how it is going to happen
  • Follow-up sessions form the key to realisation of the plan
  • Sharing successes from last period
  • Evaluation and quantification of each goal
  • Check progress against guidelines and paradigm. By means of the so-called ‘traffic-light’ process made progress and limitations will be made clear
  • Set objectives for the coming period
  • Discuss fundamental issues (for instance: personal responsibility, time-management and priorities, performance etc.)

You will be coached by a certified facilitator/coach of Moovs.


Best Year Yet® generates benefits for your organisation and for you as an individual.

  • Pragmatic ambition and development plan
  • Improvement performances
  • Solve hidden obstacles
  • Quick and simple to implement
  • Clarity about vital issues
  • Clear direction and prioritisation
  • Truly comes to life in all-day ‘business’
  • Space for strong involvement
  • Personal objectives in line with company objectives enables personal motivation
  • Improved time management: grip on time again, balance
  • Commitment to objectives ensures energy
  • Supportive environment ensures personal and professional growth

Best Year Yet® has worked since 1990 with several teams and participants in organisations in all types and sizes – in almost every branch. Our approach has proven that it frees human potential, which leads to positive results, over and over again.