Absence interviews – basic

Why this training?

Since the introduction of the Wet Poortwachter (Gatekeeper Act) the attention for absence has always stayed. Absence is an important yardstick for how it is with the company and especially with the people in that company. It says something about employee-satisfaction, the way of managing and, of course, it is an important expense factor if the absence is high. Managers play a key role in prevention of absence and where necessary, in actively reducing absence. In this training the managers are supported in their role where the training is in line with the specific needs and problems of an organisation.

Programme points

  • Prevention, cure and reintegration
  • Absence facts, registration and analyses
  • Laws and regulations around absence
  • Questions for the health-service doctor (optional)
  • Conducting absence interviews, like:
    • Prevention interviews
    • Telephonic absence intake
    • Short frequent absence interviews
    • Reintegration interviews

The training consists of an alternating mix of knowledge-, and skill forming, based on practical casuistry from your own organisation.

Results of the training

After following the training you have a clear sight at your role, task and position within an integral absence support. You have gained knowledge and expertise which are important for your function. You know how to influence absence and thereby improve the performance of your employees and the organisation.