Absence interviews – advanced

Why this training?

The general target of the training is enlarging the acting ability of your employees in situations of absence by increasing knowledge, insight and skills.

You learn to identify and address your role as a manager in absence. Next to that you can identify what the objectives of different absence interviews are and what the build-up of this is. Of utmost importance is that you are able to conduct absence interviews.

Programme points

  • Illness or absence?
  • Theory absence (as a result of e-learning)
  • Conducting absence interviews with an actor; calling sick by telephone, short frequent absence interviews, confront: dare and do!
  • What can and may I ask?
  • Short, middle and long absence
  • Influence of absence, which working environment plays a role in absence?
  • Practice own situations with an actor
  • Action points


After the training you know how to shape the absence interview, what the objectives of the various interviews are and to build these. Next to that you know how to influence absence. You know what you and the organisation can do to reduce the chances of absence to a minimum and the recovery to a maximum.