Absence management

Why this training?

How does your organisation deal with absence and how is this influenced? Do you also want to create a healthy working environment? This training enlarges the acting ability of the managers in situations of absence by expansion of knowledge, insight and skills aimed at creating a healthy working environment and limit the (unnecessary) absence.

Programme points

  • Absence: capabilities and workload – balance
  • Treaty between managers and employees building a vital and involved working relation (managing expectations)
  • Steering for the 4 A’s; working treaties, working circumstances, working conditions, working content
  • Focus on positive opportunities
  • Exercise reflections of feelings
  • Practice with an actor: Prevention and signalling interviews,
  • Plan of action, resumption of interviews
  • Action points


After the training you are capable to accept and address your responsibility as a manager at absence. You identify what the objectives and build-up of various absence interviews are. Next to that you have insight on how you can best build-up a vital and involved working relation.