"Craftmanship and a head start is a life of learning."

Corporate academy

By combining education, training and change-trajectories in an innovative way, we were able to create tailor-made focused educational programmes. An important factor at a Corporate Academy is the fact that it concerns acknowledged educational programmes. Next to accepted diplomas, we build-up corporate academies with existing learning-paths with specific content and modules per function.

What is a Corporate Academy?

Nothing more and certainly nothing less than an educational house with learning-paths per function or role in the organisation. A Moovs Corporate Academy takes provides regular and nationally acknowledged educational trajectories. These are completed with valid diplomas, partial qualifications or statements. But also learning-paths which are designed as a growth model in a function made up of multiple learning methodologies.


Close to practice

The strength of a Corporate Academy lies in the practical component of the education and training. The theory uses general terms. But in the application, the reality of your organisation is invariably incorporated. Participants learn to look at their tasks within your organisation from some distance. At the same time, the theory comes to life directly, because the practice from the working situation is so close.

Online Academy

Your Corporate Academy completely online? Anyplace, anytime, anywhere. And operates on the most important devices and operating systems. Through this set-up we offer a complete social platform in which internal communication and learning are combined with the help of the latest technology. Through the option to create groups, a focused learning offer can be done. This can consist of learning bites (short films, photos etc.) to more extensive e-learning modules. The platform allows you to stay in touch continuously with your colleagues and knowledge and experiences are shared (social learning): learning at the work place is a fact. The platform can be linked to existing software in your organisation.


In many cases these qualify for a financial contribution by the government. Like this, investing in people should also become an apparent choice. The courses are, if desirable and possible in terms of content examination, nationally acknowledged. This is important concerning possible educational contributions from the (semi-) government. Organisations who wish to promote educating for their people don’t have to bear the investment burden alone anymore. The government stimulates education by employers.

They can qualify for tax reduction as reimbursement for the study costs and they can receive a rebate on the costs for an EVC-procedure. This is documented in the Law on reduction of contributions, the so-called “Wet Vermindering Afdrachten” (Wva). If you qualify for the Wva-subsidy, this can generate substantial fiscal benefits per participant, per year. We can provide more information about this in an interview.


Corporate Academy quickly up and running

The full structure and all educational components for your Corporate Academy are already present at the time with Moovs. Through this your Corporate Academy can start as a fully functional institute within surprisingly short terms.