"Letting employees flourish, is the road to involvement."

Open enrollment

Moovs has been an established force for quite some years now in the area of incompany training (training of groups within one company). Many organisations have already benefited from that in the past years. From our options in open enrollment, you can see that the Moovs vision is also individually applicable. The open courses of Moovs are about experience and perception. We can talk endlessly about something, but only when you see and experience your qualities and pitfalls yourself, it becomes clear what your personal talents and points for improvement are!

To reach this kind of experience, we use several tools, like real life games, rollplaying of practical situations with the help of professional actors, enormously diverse outdoor activities and practical assignments. Those that are familiar with the courses of Moovs, know that the element of surprise is high. This is also the case with the open enrollment courses. Our offer is versatile and suitable for varied intellectual and professional levels.