What you do sustainable, you do well permantly.”

Andrew Sobel: B2B Salestraining

Build sustainable client relations

Why this training?

In the 21th century, where relations get more complex, contacts more shallow and obtaining sustainable relations are the key for success of your company, we offer you a programme which helps to build sustainable relations and sustain and build existing relations. We focus on a lifelong client loyalty. We look at how you can bind your clients for life by building trusted relations, which result in a higher retention and more growth in revenue.

During this programme we focus on:

  • What the trends of influential companies are and the possibility to build a long, trusted relation with your clients
  • Strategies that help your advisors/sales persons to hold more strategic interviews with your clients
  • To be a ‘proactive agenda setter’ who is connected with your client at the highest level of his business objectives
  • The formulating of power questions, which can transform an interview

This training is part of the programme of Andrew Sobel®. He is the leading authority on strategies and skills, necessary to bind clients for life by building and developing trusted relations. Andrew Sobel® is the most published author in the world on this subject. He wrote eight acclaimed bestsellers including Power Relationships, Power Questions, and Building C-Suite Relationships, All for One, Making Rain and Clients for Life. His books are translated in 14 different languages and his clients are world-leading companies like Citigroup, Xerox, Cognizant, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Bain & Company, Spencer Stuart, and Booz Allen Hamilton.


  1. The participant learns the core skills and strategies to become a trustworthy client advisor and to build client relations for life
  2. The participant undergoes a clear change from ‘expert’ to ‘partner’ in your client relations
  3. The participant learns to change a contact into a client and to let grow and extend a client relation

Programme points

  • Evolution from ‘Expert for Hire’ to ‘Trusted Client Partner’
  • The representation of a Client-Grow matrix
  • Agenda setting
    • From conducting a reactive interview to a proactive agenda-setter
  • Power Questions
    • Why questions can be more important than answers? With help of the Power-question Matrix: the use of Power Questions to broaden and deepen the relation
  • Building your relation capital
    • How do you develop your personal brand/mark/market, which will be praised by your customers? With help of different strategies to add value in your contacts.
  • The creation of buyers
    • How do you make and determine the sequence in your agenda for four specific types of sales meetings?
    • How do you act as a trustworthy advisor in the initial interview with a prospect
    • Strategies to achieve your critical goals
  • Building a personal contact action plan

How do we achieve the results?

  • By helping to excel in all four stages of the client development process
  • Building a powerful network
  • Changing from contacts into clients
  • Growing of existing client relations
  • Multiplying your relations
  • Using the world’s leading content in the area of building trusted client partnerships
  • By means of a unique integrated set of training, e-learning and coaching interventions (read more here)


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.