What you do sustainable, you do well permantly.”

Andrew Sobel: Toolkit

Bulding sustainable client relations

Why this toolkit?

In the 21th century, where relations get more complex, contacts more shallow and obtaining sustainable relations are the key for success of your company, we offer you a programme which helps to build sustainable relations and sustain and build existing relations. We focus on a lifelong client loyalty. We look at how you can bind your clients for life by building trusted relations, which result in a higher retention and more growth in revenue. Read more here about the content of the training.

  • An extensive e-learning programme
  • 1 year long building on sustainable relations: 52 weeks course, every week you will receive a lesson per e-mail
  • Learning-on-the-go: 84 audio fragments with the 26 crucial lessons for building a relation capital (downloadable on every device (PC, tablet, telephone) (for on the road)
  • A gallery with 40 full HD videos with example interviews
  • 170 page work book
  • Online Trusted Advisor Assessment
  • Live training follow up
  • Webcast
  • Webinars for champions that makes it possible for them to facilitate further
  • Coaching working book and programme
  • Training for Strategic Account management


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.