What you do sustainable, you do well permantly.”

Sales culture

  • Systematic approach for a sales culture
  • Value driven leadership
  • Identity of the sales culture

Why this Business Programme?

Which positive and which restrictive values are crucial in an account management team or a sales team? Is everyone aware of which sales culture is leading to come to success? Which positive values does a sales team have to maintain? Which restrictive values must be eliminated from the sales culture? Can the current sales culture be diagnosed? Yes! For research in the area of sales culture, Moovs affiliated with an international advisory network (Richard Barrett & associates), that works, for fifteen years now, with company transformation models and –instruments. The instruments offer a framework to map the awareness of the most important values and sales culture. With the corporate transformation tool of Richard Barrett, a diagnose can be made. It has a benchmark with other sales organisations to determine which values are leading in your sales culture.

The research model contains seven awareness levels, which describe the growth of an account management or sales culture. The levels can be described as follows:

  1. Social responsibility
  2. Strategic connections
  3. Strong culture/identity
  4. Ongoing renewal
  5. Organisational effectiveness
  6. Harmonious relations
  7. Financial security

For personal development and leadership levels similar descriptions and characterisations are available.

Programme points

  • Survey all employees of the team (including management) via internet
  • Processing and analysing the results
  • Reporting and presentation of results
  • Defining of desired sales culture
  • Actions to promote desired sales culture
  • Implementation of the sales culture change


  • insight in the existing and desired sales culture and the different sales cultures
  • insight in the agreements and differences between before mentioned results
  • insight in possible restrictive values and degree of lost energy (entropy)
  • insight in the development level or –phase of the team/the organisation
  • action plan for sales culture promotion with a link to ongoing or intended changes in the sales-or account management team


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.