What you do sustainable, you do well permantly.”

Sales training (B2C) 3 keys for succesful Selling®

  • Optimising sales techniques
  • Intensify personal contact with clients
  • Successfully conducting a sales interview
  • Offering more than your potential customer might expect

Why this training?

This training was developed by Moovs to increase the client friendliness and sales focus of you and your employees. The personal contact with the client will be optimised by making contact in a professional manner. Client contact and thereby client loyalty is essential in a time in which the competition is more and more aggressive and it is important for your organisation to stand out.

This training is based on a model, developed by Moovs, called the "3 keys for success". This model is based on the fact that there are three necessary keys, or elements, to conduct a successful sales interview: Spirit, Selling and Scoring. Each of the three elements with their matching skills and competences will be adequately covered in the training. Hereby you practice with efficient listening and estimating what the exact client needs are. You learn to recognize and counter sales objections or address concerns. Also part of this training is to hand out solutions (products) enthusiastically.

After following this training you will be able to apply these skills and lead your own sales interview to be a success, and not only sell something to the customer but also connect!

Programme points

  • Explanation of model "3 keys for success"
  • Covering 1st key Spirit
  • 6A-sales interview model
  • Develop skills: listen, summarise, supplementary questioning by means of an exercise. This to gain relevant information about the wishes of the client and address these.
  • Covering 2nd key Selling: several sales techniques
  • Covering 3rd key Scoring: basic sales and extra sales
  • Client friendliness and sales focus as a guideline of the day

Results of this training

After this training you are able to identify different wave lengths in the communication and to act upon this. You are capable of conducting client-friendly and sales focused interviews. You identify the wishes of the customer and respond to this professionally and sales-oriented. You are able to close the 'deal' and to give the client the feeling that he wants to come back to your organisation. You promote sales by acting active and several ways of upselling.


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.