What you do sustainable, you do well permantly.”

Telephone sales

  • Exceed expectations
  • Adapted to the need
  • Successful selling on the telephone

Why this training?

Nowadays we are all overburdened with an extensive number of sales calls from multiple companies and agencies. Your potential customers have also noticed this. Now the question is how to make sure that a potential client will indeed become a real client and you are not yet another sales talk? The secret is to exceed expectations by showing genuine interest in the story of the other. You don’t call to get something, but to bring something and the person on the other end notices this.

In this training you get insight in the psychological aspects that play a role in sales. You increase the commercial opportunities of your phone calls, because we train you in purposive listening and asking the right questions. The mistake we make in telephone sales is that we like to listen to ourselves and dazzle the other with loads of information. By real interest in the other and by sincere listening to the story, we get much more information. We can use this information to recommend solutions, truly suited for the needs of the potential customer.

You also learn to recognise purchase objections and to take these away or rebut them. This includes effective dealing with resistance. After all passion is important. Passion for your product of your service. If you are able to possess this passion and communicate this, than success is guaranteed!

Programme points

  • Making contact on the telephone.
  • Communicative skills on the telephone like listening and asking the right questions.
  • Influencing techniques.
  • Adapt to the need of the potential client.
  • Rebutting of purchase objections.
  • Deal with resistance during a conversation.
  • Communicate your passion over the telephone.


You are able to make contact on the telephone. By delivering different communication techniques and deploy influencing techniques, you are able to connect to the needs of the potential client. Because of this you are able to score on the telephone by exploiting sales opportunities!


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.