What you do sustainable, you do well permantly.”


  • Pressure cooker of the service training
  • Walk your talk
  • Generating enthusiasm

Why a masterclass?

A Masterclass serves the purpose that the executive board has a common vision on service & hospitality and will be able to propagate this in the organisation. During the masterclass the executives participate from the principle of Walk Your Talk in which they follow a short training (pressure cooker) with elements of the employee training.
Principle I is generating enthusiasm to create the desired new situation. Principle II is ‘walk your talk’ in which the starting point is that you yourself show the ideas of the new situation.

Programme points

  • Strategic necessity and place trajectory in strategy and vision
  • Experience the training for management and employees
  • Role in the follow-up: steering management


After the masterclass ownership and alignment have been created at the executive board to propagate the new desired situation to the management and employees.


Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.