What you do sustainable, you do well permantly.”


Moovs advises to pay a lot of attention to the securing to obtain the desired results. A broad range of securing-activities can be deployed. From the vision of Moovs, the training intervention determines the success of genuine change of behaviour for only 20%, the other 80% depends on securing. The role of the manager as a driver for change is crucial in this. Indeed: you need to change management for change management. That is why a lot is invested in excellence of management and tools are developed to use at the work place. Read more here about work place learning.

A toolkit can be shaped in many different ways. The objective is to give people assignments for a couple of months to practice what they learned at the work place.
Moovs has developed many toolkits. Examples of parts from a toolkit are:

  • Buttons with ‘funny’ texts, which one can distribute as a compliment for desired service behaviour or mutual conduct to colleagues.
  • Assignment cards with assignments which one can perform and try during the day in client contact (perhaps linked to a die with the service promises)
  • Discuss personal action plan on the basis of a set pattern
  • ‘Special moments’ posters
  • App-magazine with statements of colleagues, clients, refresh of learned, films, photos etc.

Moovs makes a number of suggestions during the cooperation process for securing or mind-sets we can elaborate.

Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.