What you do sustainable, you do well permantly.”


  • Pressure cooker of the service training
  • Walk your talk
  • Generating enthusiasm

Why a topclass?

An excellent service & hospitality organisation starts with managers who are aligned. A strong service minded organisation asks strength from the managers to be 100% involved to share the vision of the organisation on service & hospitality. Next to that they will have to assist employees to reach the mutual vision and ambition, for which they are a role model for excellent service behaviour.

At the start of the top class the strategic necessity will be clarified by the executive board. Also the operational objectives fort the management will be identified. During the top class the management or unit leaders participate. The top class will be a genuine training. Principle is ‘walk your talk’ where the starting point is, that you have service & hospitality top of mind to be able to coach you employees on this. They experience the complete customer journey to be able to connect with excellent service & hospitality.

Programme points

  • Strategic necessity and place trajectory in strategy and vision
  • Experience the training for employees
  • Experience the customer journey
    • What are competitors doing?
    • Dialogue with clients – expectations in the picture
  • Create a winner’s mentality
    • Set and stretch objectives
  • Train skills (partly with actor) within all steps of the customer journey
  • Role in follow-up: coaching on the job (including the use of a toolkit)


After the top class ownership and alignment are created with the management and unit leaders to propagate the new desired situation to the employees.
Extra attention will be paid to ensuring the quality.

Below you find examples of interventions that can be combined or deployed separately.