Advising and influencing

  • Advisory rolls
  • Advisory skills
  • Advisory styles and -strategies
  • Position in a conversation

Why this training?

To be able to influence the environment plays an increasingly larger role in our functioning. Many functionaries within companies have no line-authorities and therefore have to advise without functional authority. Often, an advice is accepted based on the expertise of the advisor. However, too often this is no guarantee for acceptance and one should, next to expertise, own a great dose of solid professional advisory skills!

In this training you learn about advisory skills and –strategies and you learn about the art of influencing. During the training you get ample supply of tools to communicate effective and professionally. This ensures that you are transparent for your environment and increases the chances to realise your wish: being able to powerful communication.

Programme points

  • Ambition in communication
  • Advisory interview
  • Influencing styles
  • Blockades and restrictive convictions
  • Assertiveness
  • Status differences and wavelengths of communicating
  • Basic skills for influencing


This training delivers self-conscious advisors with a clear image about their own advisory strength. They know to enhance the success for acceptance of their own advice by deliberate acting in the interaction with the person who asks for advice.

You have insight in different influencing styles and you have skills to steer the course of a conversation in the desired direction. You are sensitive for and aware of wishes and expectations of others and you are able to address your environment in a positive manner.