Balance in work

  • Optimising work/ privacy balance
  • Energy sources versus work stressors
  • Work pressure versus work stress
  • Assertiveness
  • Yoga or Chi Kung

Why this training?

Employees experience work pressure and work stress more and more. This is often caused by the rapidly changing environment and the 24-hour economy in which we live. Finding the right balance between work and privacy can therefore sometimes be difficult. This balance is determined by the equilibrium between energy sources and work stressors.

In the training you learn to recognise your balance and to respond to that. You learn to recognise mechanisms which make the difference between reacting relaxed and tense in situations. This happens through the creational spiral with which you will set the first steps on your way to independency in creating balance. In the in-depth multiple-day training you learn to use methodologies to promote the use of effective coping styles through hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. You are aware of your energy sources and learn to recognise stress signals. Through different assertiveness exercises you actually dare to choose for your ideal balance in work. You learn the psychological aspects which have everything to do with this deliberate choice.

Programme points

  • Balance and inner peace
  • Mini college work pressure and work stress
  • Balance between energy sources and work stressors
  • To deal with disappointments: coping styles
  • Assertiveness
  • Creational spiral

Results of this training

After this training you know where to find your personal balance in your work and privacy. You have experienced inner peace to find your recover point in this busy world. You will have the courage to make choices to optimise the balance in work. You also recognise the most important stress signals.