Effective assertive

  • The balance in personal communication
  • Skills to enhance assertiveness
  • Influence your own moods and emotions
  • Dealing effectively with disagreements

Why this training?

Employees have to possess many qualities: independency, working well together, taking initiative, open communicating. And, of course, everyone wants to fulfil these very much. However, practical situations often tend to be more complex than wishes and ambitions. Irritations, disappointment, unintentional ill-tempered or tactless reacting, afraid to express your opinion, hard to deal with criticism. These are the everyday situations. As a result you do not communicate optimally and manifest yourself sufficiently. Or where you may even be the one who ‘scores’ all the time, making your co-workers feel uncomfortable in your presence. If you recognize yourself in one of these situations and don’t want to stop at ‘that is just the way I am’, than this training is for you.

In the training you will learn to communicate effectively in balance with yourself and the people around you. This means that you raise your own wishes with respect for others. You learn to discover which emotions and thoughts are relevant in certain situations (and which are not!). You learn to use disagreements effectively. You practice with creating a positive atmosphere for conversation and learn how you, if necessary, can call someone to account for their behaviour. And how you can deal effectively with criticism which you get yourself on your attitude or behaviour.

Programme points

  • Obtain insight in assertiveness and the possibilities of this
  • Skills which increase assertiveness
  • Return to the roots of behaviour in awkward situations
  • Learning to influence your own moods and emotions
  • Practice of effective communicating in situations, which you yourself considered as difficult

Results of this training

After the training you will go to work feeling good about yourself. You have insight in your own qualities and enriched these with skills that fostered your effectiveness and assertiveness. You commit yourself by contributing your ideas and wishes and therefore stimulate a pleasant and worthwhile collaboration with your colleagues.