Mind mapping and Speed reading

Why this training?

Do you recognise that you have to read through many texts but that it is difficult to get through? You try multiple times but you cannot find the peace to truly read the texts? If you would like to scan texts on information that is important for you and also remember, than this training is for you.

You learn what makes us read slowly and how not to prevent anything from distracting you during reading. Next to that be focus on how to go about with excessive reading material and how you can remember what you have read in a structured manner.

Programme points

  • The 3 steps of speed reading
  • The Mind map Method
  • 6 techniques not to get distracted
  • The 7 most important memory strategies


After following this training you get through large pieces of text easier. You know how to extract just that information that is important for you. Next to that you will remember this information by using your memory properly. Applying mind map will help you with this.