Planning and organising

  • Manage action list
  • Make the right choice
  • Choose priorities
  • Use of Outlook

Why this training?

Is it sometimes simply too much for you with all the questions, tasks, mails, assignments and appointments that come right to you? Lear during this training how to deal with this.

You learn the most important principles of the ‘Getting Things Done’ method and to describe the five phases of ‘Mastering Workflow’. You learn to define things that require action into useable things in concrete follow-up steps and successful results. By keeping up to speed with the broad lines, you learn to manage the small details.

Next to this you learn strategies on how to deal with falling behind on e-mail and to structure your e-mail into action and management. With the ‘Getting Things Done’ system in the Windows-desktop-version of Outlook you learn to bring your productivity to a higher level.

Programme points

  • workflow
  • taking decisions
  • creating your own GTD-system
  • email strategies
  • archiving
  • postponing behaviour
  • prioritising
  • use of Outlook


U record everything that requires attention and care. You create the appropriate action list and are able to manage this. Next to this you organise information in the most streamlined manner, in the right categories, based on how and when you should be able to reach it. You make the right choices at any moment.