• Ladder van Proactiviteit® (Ladder of Proactivity)
  • The strength of ambition
  • The taste of success
  • Reactive versus empowered
  • Dialogue and networking
  • Circle of influence

Why this training?

Employees are the key to success! In order to operate effective and flexible it is important that employees think along, see chances and threads, have the ambition to retain and increase the advantage of the organisation. In short: are proactive. A powerful interest is brought about with employees to commit themselves to the success of the company if they are able to fulfil their dreams and ambitions in the organisation. Namely, success of the company ensures their own success.

In this training you learn to clarify your ambitions and align them with the objectives of the organisation. You experience in a powerful way what pushes you. In several ways a clear image is created and infused to give you direction to fulfil your ambition. Also you are confronted with causes of reactive behaviour. Behaviour which makes you want to hit the break once in a while or even oppose the organisation. Through simple tools you learn to explain this behaviour and to change it. You take your own responsibility to change your situation if it is not satisfactory. You realise that you are responsible yourself at all times for the choices you make and also that you have an opportunity to choose for yourself.

Also you learn to engage in dialogue. This means really contact to reach personal and organisational targets.
The programme is built around a creational spiral. You are taken by the hand to learn to walk the road from ambition to reality. It is a fantastic but also confronting journey to make and it will leave an unforgettable impression.

Programme points 

  • Mini college proactivity
  • Mission, vision, dream, ambition
  • Visualise and remember
  • Dialogue and networking
  • Personal strength/weakness analyses
  • The ladder van Proactiviteit® (Ladder of proactivity)
  • Influence and commitment
  • The strength of relaxation and flow
  • Positively deploy emotions

Results of this training

After this impressive training you are able to give voice clearly to what you can win by showing proactive behaviour in your organisation. Also you get a picture of what it can cost you to not do this or to continuate ‘old’ behaviour. You feel extra or renewed energy to explore talents, irrespective of the number of years working experience you have.