Agree - Address

Why this training?

Agreements that are not met is a large irritation within many companies and organisations. It creates frustration, distrust, a negative atmosphere and stagnation of the production. The cause is often attributed to the person who doesn’t meets the agreements, but is he or she really the main cause? Isn’t there more? The guideline “a deal is a deal”, as many organisations know it, is apparently not enough.

What now is the cause that people don’t meet their agreements? What is their underlying motivation? What influence do I have on that? In this training we look at behaviour of people and how you as manager can influence this. We learn how to create responsibility with your people, how to communicate with each other open and fair, how to pass your expectations clearly along to the other.

The objective is: “a deal is a deal”. We work towards employees and colleagues to commit to their agreements and we also teach you to deal with confrontations without losing contact with that respective person.

Programme points

  • Communication skills
  • Attitude
  • 5 C’s of addressing (Control, Compliment, Confront, Correct and Coach)
  • Feedback; classical versus modern
  • Involvement and creating proactivity
  • Conducting interviews with the help of an actor

Results of this training

You get insight in the different underlying motivations of people. You learn to express yourself effectively and to discuss things with your employees. Next to that you are able to develop a sense of responsibility with them, so that they comply with made agreements. With that you create a successful company-culture which contributes to reach the organisational objectives.