Best Year Yet individual

  • Accomplish dreams
  • Achieve objectives
  • Energy
  • Paradigm shift

Why this training?

Do you experience that you cannot fully utilise your potential at work? Do you miss focus or set priorities adequate enough? Do you recognise that you are distracted by events and activities which don’t lead to you dream? This programme tackles those subjects, where you can not completely give yourself. By following Best Year Yet you reach the objectives you set, you know how to deal with changes and to handle according priorities. Next to that you have a clear understanding of where to focus, you are more energetic and take this energy along to your work.

Successful organisations acknowledge that employees also have a life outside the company, which can increase and enrich their contribution to the organisation. By granting them responsibility for their own personal agenda and objectives, people change the way that they live, experience more satisfaction in their life and make a difference for their environment. By no longer allowing yourself to be at the mercy of circumstances, but clearly defining what the coming year should look like, a foundation is laid for balance in your life. In the individual year plan you as a participant can also set targets concerning work and beyond.

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Programme points

At the centre within BYY is the starter workshop. During this workshop you will be lead individually through 10 questions, resulting in a 1-page year plan. In this process you look back at successes and disappointments in the (recent) past and translates these to three guidelines.

You create a new mindset focussed on achieving success, define the top ten targets and action steps to execute the plan for next year. You feel that you own the plan and you show a great sense of responsibility, because you yourself define the plan.

A structure of monthly follow-up sessions ensures the success of the BYY plan after the starting workshop. BYY is a performance-elevated system that offers a structured follow-up protocol during one year. During each follow-up session the progress on the objectives is determined, kept on a graphical basis and new action steps will be defined for the next month. Next to that you keep an eye on your progress via the web-based software package PRO (Producing Results Online). You will be coached by a certified facilitator/coach of Moovs.


Best Year Yet® provides advantages for your organisation and for yourself as an individual.

  • Pragmatic ambition and development plan
  • Improvement performances
  • Solve hidden obstacles
  • Quick and simple to implement
  • Clarity about vital issues
  • Clear direction and priority setting
  • Truly comes to life in every day ‘business’
  • Space for high level of commitment
  • Personal objectives aligned with company objectives ensures personal motivation
  • Improved time management: grip at time again, balance
  • Commitment to objectives ensure energy
  • Supporting environment takes care of personal and professional growth

Best Year Yet® has, since 1990, worked with several teams and participants in organisations of all types and sizes – in nearly every branch. Our approach has proven that it liberates human potential, which seems to lead to positive results, over and over again.