Conflict management

Why this training?

Do you want to prevent getting into a conflict at opposing interests? Do you wish to communicate more effective in situations which are stressful? And do you prefer a win-win situation rather than a conflict? Than is the training conflict management your answer.

Programme points

  • Test Thomas Kilmann: conflict management styles
  • Top 10 conflicts
  • Mini college conflict management:
  • Types of conflicts
  • Latent vs manifest conflict
  • Negotiate vs conflict management
  • Styles of conflict management
  • The base of conflict management: assertiveness
  • Conflict management styles: which style has your preference?
  • Kind of conflicts:
  • Working with an actor
  • ‘Find the style’: Recognise the conflict-styles and use your right style
  • Conflict management game
  • Conflict vs negotiation

Results of this training

After the training you have familiarised yourself with theories around conflict management and from there you are more aware of the effect of your behaviour on others within conflicts. You are aware of your non-verbal and verbal support within communication and specifically on persuasiveness. You became acquainted and you practiced with switching in styles of conflict management. You also realise which style you prefer when managing conflicts and how you can consciously switch styles.