• Ten laws of MindMappen® (Mind Mapping)
  • Fostering memory and association abilities
  • Use of both hemispheres
  • To make brains curious
  • The thinking-caps of the Bono

Why this training?

From a Nobel price-winning brain study it showed that the left hemisphere (specialities: logic, rules, lines, sequence) and the right hemisphere (colour, rhythm, dimension, spatiality) rather ‘work together’ per subject. This fosters the memory and association abilities. On average humans use less than 1% of the brain potential. That is because most people never had lessons in how to learn and think. However, there are indeed effective learn- and think-techniques which are very ‘brain friendly’. This training proves that those techniques are very simple and can be learned easily. The base for creativity!

In the training you learn the laws of MindMappen® (Mind Mapping) according to ten golden rules. These rules offer you a basis for the actual MindMappen® (Mind Mapping). For instance, you learn to use colours, images and words, logic, lines etc. With several practical exercises, which you contribute yourself, alternated with general assignments you will master the technique of MindMappen® (Mind Mapping). You experience the pleasure you perceive with MindMappen® (Mind Mapping) if you are put before creative challenges with your employees. In a multiple-day training we teach people to think from the six thinking-caps of the Bono. A method to learn to think out of a particular part: logic, information, emotion etc.

Programme points

  • Ten laws of MindMappen® (Mind Mapping)
  • The technique of the MindMappen® (Mind Mapping)
  • Memory training with the use of audio- or video material
  • Creativity assignments
  • Feedback in the shape of a Mind map
  • The thinking-caps of the Bono

Results of this training

Through the learned structure you have to remember less than normal. Remember information gets simple and fun. You literally overlook the information better. Your insight gets more detailed. You will be more creative and associative. Afterwards you receive an elaborate mind map from the trainer about your qualities and pitfalls. You can also order the supporting software separately.