Energy, passion and pleasure

  • Team spirit
  • Energy sources versus stressors
  • Core qualities
  • Personal development

Why this training?

Energy, passion and pleasure ensure that employees continue to commit, short- and long-term. The extent of energy is determined by the balance between energy sources and stressors. This balance is determined by many factors. One of the most important energy sources is team sense and team spirit. Also realising company targets is only possible with each other. Therefore, thinking and acting out of a mutual interest, is a must. Only then you create 1 + 1 = 3 (synergy). So, the labour relations are an important source of energy. Other factors are dealing with and experiencing work pressure, the possibility of personal development and the space to be able to deploy personal qualities.

In the training you learn to steer in the areas of labour relations, - circumstances, - content and – conditions, within your capacity to influence. . On the one hand you learn to define and create energy sources. On the other hand you learn to recognise stressors and to prevent them to result in negative stress-consequences. For instance through tests, energisers and team exercises tools will be handed to keep the work healthy, exiting and pleasant.

Programme points

  • Mini college energy, passion and pleasure
  • Energy sources versus stressors
  • Short and powerful team exercises
  • Tension meter
  • Dealing with stress: coping styles
  • Conflict management
  • Core qualities

Results of this training

After this versatile training you know under which tension you can function best. You are capable to influence your own tension meter in the direction you see fit. You have experienced what feeling energy does to you because there is plenty of room during the training to have fun with each other. After the training you will also be able to interact with your colleagues in an inspiring manner. You show exemplary conduct in showing sincere interest, which creates the inimitable power of team spirit.