The next level you!

  • Strength
  • Vitality
  • Quality
  • Motivation
  • Responsibility

Why this training?

Once you chose for the job you are now in. You were passionate, enthusiastic and eager. Your job was a challenge and you deployed all your qualities with pleasure to perform the best you could. It wasn’t just about the objectives, it was the path that led to it that inspired you. Alas, this euphoric ‘conquer-phase’ doesn’t last forever. You get accustomed, experienced and more relaxed, which is normal, healthy and ok. Let’s call this the ‘accustom-phase’, it is a satisfying period. After this phase a risk occurs, you get bored and you miss the challenge, you have the feeling that you stand still: the ‘dust-phase’.

This training is for those people who choose not to vegetate. People who choose inspiration, motivation, challenge and zest. This training is for you if you are somebody who takes the responsibility for ‘The Next Level You!’

Programme points

  • Drive (remember why you came here in the first place…what was your drive?)
  • Helicopter (take a step back and take a look at the lines in your life form a distance, from a ‘helicopter’ perspective.)
  • Route (determine in what direction you want to go, what fits and what is possible?)
  • Personal Qualities
  • Wish picture and animal-metaphors (which characteristics can I develop further to reach just that what I desire and how do I master that?)
  • Wake up/stay awake (how do I remain alert?)
  • Challenge and responsibility (who is the boss in ‘the next level you’?)
  • Inspiration external resources (who can help me on my path?)
  • NLP wieber-objectives (active visualisation method to become aware of current position, objective, blockades and resources).
  • Action


You feel awake and aware again. You know where you came from, where you are and you are in the steering position to further determine the route. In your company, you are able to actively get what you need to stay passionate at work. You are capable again to make choices and to take control of responsibility for the design of your life. The awareness that this training offers you, gives you energy again, lust for action, motivation and zest!