Being able, daring and willing to influence

  • Direct communication as a second nature
  • Sensitivity
  • Transparent
  • Courage and ‘tools’ to address people about their behaviour

Why this training?

Be able to influence the environment plays an ever greater role in our functioning. More often we are part of a team or network than that we can do our work solo and achieve our results.

In the training you learn the art of influencing. To get results you must also be willing and have the courage. That’s why at first you get insight in your own drives, wishes and ambitions in this area. And insight is offered in what might (possibly) hold you back to deal with people in your environment in a professional manner. During the training you get an ample supply of tools to communicate effective and professional. This ensures that you are transparent for your environment and increases the chances to realise your wish: to be able to communicate powerful.

Programme points

  • Ambition in communication
  • Fun in direct contact
  • Influencing styles
  • Blockades and restrictive convictions
  • Assertiveness
  • Status differences and wavelengths of communicating
  • Basic skills for influencing


You have insight in different styles of influencing and you have the skills to steer the course of a conversation in the desired direction. You have the courage to express your wishes and ambitions. You are sensitive for and aware of wishes and expectations of others and you are capable to address your environment in a positive manner.