Effective teamwork

  • Stimulating powers that strengthen working together
  • Address each other’s abilities
  • Making pitfalls in cooperation visible
  • Reinforcing of communication within the team

Why this training?

Even when the atmosphere and relationships within a team are good, it is important to pay attention to the team’s functioning. Surely: pleasure in work and the success of the team depend on the cooperation between the individual employees. Working together effectively is meant for teams who are not afraid to take a closer look to themselves and (still) want to move on together. Starting point is to maintain and reinforce the current good situation, until optimal cooperation has been accomplished.

You get insight in your attitude and in which influence this attitude has on the cooperation within the team. With the help of mapping core qualities the cooperation process is evaluated. Understanding and respect for others are important factors here. The trainer stimulates the group to communicate open and honest.
The trainer will address individual members about functional, or dysfunctional behaviour within the process of working together. The forces that reinforce cooperation will be brought into practice. The pitfalls of trusted cooperation will be made visible.

In the training a large group exercise will be executed. The assignment focusses on the building of a physical part related to the practice of the team. In the end, in a manner still to be determined, the felt solidarity will be symbolised. The anchor to the future is a fact!

Programme points

  • Consultation, vision on the future, objective integration
  • Recourse of creativity
  • Taking into account of external factors
  • Individual qualities, limitations and physical abilities
  • Optimal interplay within time limits

Results of the training

After the training you can identify and respect each other’s qualities. You are capable to give and receive feedback from your colleague-team members in a constructive manner. With this you are able to prevent conflicts, or handle them quickly and effective. You possess all tools to let the communication and cooperation within your team run smoothly. The group assignment provides a physical memory, which you, as a team, take along to your work place.