High Performance Team

  • From group to team
  • Clear focus
  • Learn from and with each other
  • Synergy
  • Acceptance of differences

Why this trajectory?

Organisations are always looking for possibilities to increase productivity of their management and staff and their company more profitable. Many organisations base their hope on training & development, but merely get disappointed. Others develop rigorous strategic plans, which don’t even bring them close to the desired results. “The average team reaches only 63% of the targets in their strategic plans”.

What is with this gap between ambition and result? What gets in the way to realise results? The most important indicators are the team-competences: how well can a team communicate, whether can they support initiatives from the top, create the short- and long-term plans and address each other about delivering results (output) instead of working method (input).

If you are aware of the fact that the people form your organisation. More than the strategy, the marketing plan, the IT-system or the financial set-up with spread sheets, management information and predictions. Than this trajectory aimed at your people, is the key to your success. To transform your organisation, you transform your people. Let your employees work together in a powerful manner, give hem opportunity to take personal responsibility for their own performance and for that of the whole company. This will generate quantifiable improvement over and over again. The crux is to ensure that everybody in the organisation – including yourself – has the right attitude and undertakes the right actions to book results, every time. With Best Year Yet as a method, we are able to realise those results.

Programme points

  • Looking back to the past and learn from it
  • Research and change restrictive attitudes and convictions
  • Joint priority top-ten
  • Monthly follow-up sessions to monitor progress and learn from what happens


Top priorities are identified and the progress in the performance will be followed periodically. By achieving these priorities, year after year, this trajectory contributes quantifiable to multi-annual growth. There is a guaranteed communication and wok is in accordance with the agreements. The top management uses a simple approach to measure performance and to implement changes in orientation. All this leads to a performance-culture.