Internal meetings

  • From preparation to taking minutes
  • Internal consultation versus internal meeting
  • Chairman-skills
  • Ludic instruction video

Why this training?

The objective of internal meetings is, next to informing, to offer your people opportunity to influence the work situation, to involve them in the company business and to motivate. Through internal consultations you know that the information is given unequivocally to everybody. The internal consultation has a business reason in informing and explaining about changes and improvements within the organisation. There is also a social reason in meeting the need of your people for information and the desire to express their opinion.

There is a difference between an internal consultation and an internal meeting. An internal meeting is mainly about performing work at short-term. It has mainly an instructive character with as objective to solve problems and align and plan the work tasks. This involves day- or week indicators (e.g. productivity), work planning, allocation of tasks etc. Internal meetings often have a high frequency.

The training consists of a combination of theory, group exercises for consultation, ludic instruction video and playing a genuine internal consultation.

Programme points

  • Difference internal meeting and internal consultation
  • Content, participants, structure of an internal consultation
  • Group exercises
  • Video ‘John Cleese’
  • Minutes
  • Group roles, inclusive chairman-skills
  • 8 golden tips for a successful internal consultation


After the training it has become clear to you what the added value of an internal consultation can be for your department or team. You know to involve your employee in the internal consultation by creating a safe and secure consultation culture. You know how to take minutes of a consultation in a short and vigorous manner according a previously agreed template