• Training in applying the intervision method
  • Using the bundling of knowledge for individual learning
  • Get started directly with intervision!

Why this training?

Intervision is a structured method of group consultation aimed at the professional development of the participants. During a meeting one participant is in the centre with a practical situation from his or her work. The participant describes clearly for what aspects he or she wants input (help) from the others. The other participants bring in their ideas, insights, practical tips or advices about this. This happens on the basis of equality. The participants can come from various work fields or organisations, as long as they work in a similar kind of function. Precisely the input from different angles, offers opportunities to learn from and with each other.

The training takes place with ‘guided intervision’. This means that you learn directly from an intervision situation, how intervision works. The trainer starts with an explanation on the methodology. Subsequently practical situations of participants are discussed. A choice is made for the subject, which will be discussed according the methodology. Respect, trust and equality are important elements in interacting with each other to be able, as a group, to work effectively on intervision. An active input is expected from each participant.

Programme points

  • Get insight in intervision methodology
  • Gain experience with the methodology
  • Apply, as a group, the intervision methodology successfully
  • Discuss (awkward) work situations to ask and receive advice and feedback


After the training you are capable, as a member of an intervision group, to apply the methodology successfully.