Meeting techniques

  • Three levels in learning to influence meetings
  • Roles and tasks before, during and after the meeting
  • Apply phasing in decision-making
  • Deal with dysfunctional behaviour of participants
  • Effective consultation

Why this training?

As (project) team you wish to professionalise consulting together by increasing the efficiency. The role of chairman is a very complex role. This complexity will be increased even more when you are also a participant of the meeting. A training ‘Meeting techniques’ brings structure within this complexity.

In the training we pass through all phases of a meeting. We pay extensive attention to the role of chairman, participant and minute-taker. You learn that thorough preparation is indeed essential. In the training you practice extensively with intervening at three levels: content, atmosphere and procedure. Specific attention will be given to dealing with dysfunctional behaviour of participants during a meeting.

Programme points

  • Phasing of the meeting process
  • Roles and responsibilities at meetings (meeting rules)
  • The objective of meetings
  • Three levels of intervening in a meeting
  • Decision-meeting
  • Shortcomings in a consultation
  • Dysfunctional behaviour of participants


After the training you are able to ensure an effective course of a meeting. You are able to address people about their responsibilities and you can, if you want, draw up meeting rules. You recognise three different levels during a meeting and know how to influence these intentionally.

You are able to visualise and turn around dysfunctional behaviour of participants in a vigorous way. You are able to minimalise chances that subjects return on the agenda once again to be repeated.