Self-regulating teams

  • Collegial coaching
  • Team responsibility

Why this training?

Increasingly more teams consist of professionals who work independent. The hierarchy disappears and the personal responsibility increases. More often teams are formed around a project, client, process or service. In order to help teams on their way to being self-regulating and to deploy collegial coaching as natural in order to perform better every day, we offer teams the possibility to develop. Next to that, we use several forms of new (social) media in order for teams to be able to cooperate in a distance. The mutual responsibility and the joint objective ensure higher enthusiasm and motivate the team member to high performance. Employees have more freedom and can make more decisions within self-regulating teams. The practice therefore shows that there is less stress and less absence.

Programme points 

  • Team profile (on basis of VIA, Insights, MBT)
  • Vision of the team and objective
  • Determine of internal organisation
  • Forms of consultation-structures
  • Create cooperation
  • Work with a flexi matrix
  • Social dilemma in cooperating
  • Team coaching at a distance (practice with webinar)
  • The force of share – connect, community, co-creation

Results after this training

After this training the team has known each other even better in relationship. They have a clear vision. An internal organisation has been established on basis of qualities with matching team objectives. The team works together from a clear structure and has discovered opportunities to stimulate and coach each other.